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Delhi is an industry leader in fan and blower technology, producing a variety of heating, cooling, and ventilation fans for commercial and industrial use. We serve both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and HVAC representatives across North America. We are one of the few North American companies equipped for mass production of forward curved blowers and wheels. Let us prove to you why our customers have enjoyed the “Delhi Difference” for over 70 years.

  • Typical Applications

    • Comfort HVAC units
    • Commercial air conditioners
    • Commercial Heat pumps
    • Air filtration units
    • Industrial and commercial
    • Energy Recovery Units (ERVS)
    • Dehumidification units
    • Gas fired make-up air units
    • Industrial process applications
    • Commercial kitchen ventilation
    • Removal of vehicle exhaust
    • Laboratory exhaust

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  • About Our Fans & Blowers

    Delhi Blowers & Axial Fans are used in the HVAC industry by manufacturers and system installers in applications where the static pressure required to overcome the resistance to flow is typically medium to high. Most of our products are manufactured with steel, either painted with enamel or galvanized, some wheels and axial blades are also available in aluminum. We also offer customization including free air performance testing, Heresite Protective coating for harsh environments, various protective screens and guards, and more.

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